Best Online Interior Design Services 2024

Harnessing the knowledge, taste and expertise of an interior designer without spending a fortune might seem like a pipe dream. But thanks to the best online interior design services, it’s possible. These convenient, cost-effective alternatives to in-person interior design services first emerged nearly a decade ago, but they’re gaining more and more traction lately (mostly thanks to a surge of interest during the pandemic). Ahead, we’re sharing our favorites for 2024—our top picks include Decorilla, Havenly, Colloy, roomLift and more.

So, what do these interior design services do, exactly? They provide users with expert advice and ideas to help you create a space you love, all without the need for traditional in-person consultations. With a variety of options available, you can find a service tailored to your budget, timeline, experience level and style preferences—and some even offer virtual visualization tools to help you more easily imagine your new space. Ahead, we’ve curated a list of the best online interior design services in 2024, each of which can help you achieve the room—or home—of your dreams.

  • Best Online Interior Design Service Overall: Decorilla
  • Best Budget Online Interior Design Service: Havenly
  • Best Quick Turnaround Online Interior Design Service: Collov
  • Best All-In-One Online Interior Design Service: roomLift
  • Most User-Friendly Online Interior Design Service: Spacejoy
  • Best DIY Online Interior Design Service: The Expert
  • Best Free Online Interior Design Service: Crate and Barrel

Best Online Interior Design Service Overall

Decorilla: Ultra-Detailed Plans With Unparalleled Customization

What you’ll love:

  • Two concept and designer options upon starting
  • Designer discount pricing on items you’d like to purchase
  • Ability to create a custom package

Keep in mind:

  • Pricing can vary based on the room you select
  • Designers are selected for you

Decorilla pairs users with trusted, vetted interior designers—and offers access to over 350 discounted vendors. Prospective clients begin by taking a style and budget quiz, which is, admittedly, a common feature among most design services—but we appreciate that this quiz seems legitimately helpful; it’s less gimmicky than others we’ve seen. Next, Decorilla provides detailed instructions walking users through the process of uploading photos and measurements of their space. Once the information is collected, you’re paired with two designers, each of whom provides a full consultation and submits concepts for your review.

After choosing your preferred designer and concept, the actual work commences: Clients can communicate with their designers via email, phone and, when possible, in-person meetings. The final deliverables include 3D renderings, a color palette, a floor plan and even a comprehensive shopping list. If the initial design doesn’t meet your expectations, you can request one revision. And while you’re never obligated to purchase any items from the shopping list, designers can apply their trade discounts on your behalf, offering up to 45% off at certain brands. The entire process typically takes about a month.


Pricing for Decorilla’s services vary based on the experience level of their designers. Pricing begins at $699 for the “bronze” package which provides users with concepts from two experienced designers (this is defined as designers with two to five years of experience). The “silver” level, meanwhile, is $849 and gives clients those same two concepts, this time from greatly experienced designers (defined as five to 10 years of experience). Finally, the “gold” package is $1,549 and provides two concepts from industry-leading experts (10+ years of experience), and no space is off-limits, including gut renovations. If you’re looking for a little extra help, you can add more time for a varying hourly rate, typically somewhere between $75 and $500 per hour.

Best Budget Online Interior Design Service

Havenly: An Incredibly Intuitive Platform With Some Packages Under $150

What you’ll love:

  • Over 200 screened designers available
  • Affordable pricing
  • Ability to work with a designer in-person

Keep in mind:

  • No discounts are offered on products ordered to complete the design
  • Your experience is designer-dependent

Whether you’re starting from scratch and trying to articulate your taste or seeking extra help to make a particular room feel polished, Havenly is a great choice—and it’s affordable to boot. The site offers options for most homeowners at reasonable rates, and the process kicks off with a quick quiz to pinpoint your style (you’re tasked with choosing images of rooms that most appeal to you). The site then asks standard questions about the size and scope of your project and your budget before providing you with a comprehensive list of designers that match your style and requirements. From there, you’re free to browse their previous projects before selecting the designer with whom you’d ultimately like to work.

Once you’ve chosen your designer, you can chat with them to discuss your specific space and receive a preliminary batch of inspiration and ideas. After any necessary back-and-forth (with multiple revisions allowed), the designer presents a finalized concept, which includes a layout, furniture links and a mood board. A big plus: Havenly even allows you to shop décor pieces directly through their site, handling all logistics for you.


Plans start at $129 for the “Mini,” which pairs users with a designer and delivers multiple design revisions and a personalized shopping list. The next tier is the “Online Full,” which costs $199 and adds bonuses like 3D renderings of your design and a custom floor plan. The highest tier available is “In-Person,” which costs $699 but is often on sale, and, as its names suggests, adds an in-home meeting with your designer to the amenities offered by all of the previous services, plus a concierge service to help you measure and photograph your current space.

Best Quick Turnaround Online Interior Design Service

Collov: An AI-Assisted Service That Delivers Inspiration In Under Two Weeks

What you’ll love:

  • Process can take under two weeks
  • Helpful 360-degree tour
  • Unlimited revisions available if you choose the Luxe package

Keep in mind:

  • Additional costs to use items already in your home
  • Minimum furniture and décor spending budget of $1,000

Collov is an innovative online design platform that combines AI technology with input from real-life designers. As is the case with many of the other services we’ve reviewed here, Collov’s process begins with a style quiz. Upon completion, users receive a series of AI-generated, designer-directed mood boards, and after selecting a favorite, they’re paired with a designer who works on revisions and adjustments (unlimited revisions are available for the Luxe package). Once revisions are complete and a design is finalized, the designer creates a 3D rendering and virtual 360-degree tour—a pretty sophisticated addition that some of the other services we’ve highlighted do not offer. Users also have the opportunity to shop the items your designer has chosen for the space, and although Collov doesn’t offer additional discounts on items, they do price match, enabling you to scout out and quickly nab the best available price. The entire process is incredibly efficient; mood boards take just 2 to 3 days to create and the final product is usually available in a week. Note, however, that this timeline might be extended depending on the number of revisions needed.


Collov only has two packages, and there’s only a $100 difference between them. The entry-level package, or “Classic,” is $199 per design; users receive three mood board revisions, 3D renderings and one phone consultation. For $299, you can opt for the “Luxe” plan, which includes everything from the “Classic,” but also allows you to have unlimited phone calls with your designer and ask for redesigns (there are also designer discounts offered with this plan). If you’d like designers to work in items you already have (say, an antique hutch), expect to pay $18 per item.

Best All-In-One Online Interior Design Service

roomLift: An App With Packages For Every Lifestyle—And A Plethora Of Samples To Boot

What you’ll love:

  • Women-owned business
  • No commissions, so recommendations might feel more genuine
  • Physical samples of wallpaper and surfaces available

Keep in mind:

  • You’ll need to purchase items on your own directly through the retailer
  • A full room design is more expensive than most other services we’re highlighting

This service is not quite for the “do it yourself” folks out there, but more for the “do it mostly yourself” crowd. If that’s you, you’re bound to be pleased with roomLift’s offerings. Once you sign up, you’ll receive a link to download the app, where you’re prompted to upload pictures of your space and complete a brief questionnaire. The questions are straightforward, focusing on your needs and preferences for your space. Best of all, roomLift wisely assumes you already have an idea of your style and what you’re looking for, distinguishing it from many other services that presume you’re newer to home design.

Based on your answers within the quiz, the app will connect you with a designer. You can opt for either a five-minute consultation or an “expert access” package; either way, a follow-up will be scheduled for your appointment. For “accessoryLifts,” another fun feature, users receive everything needed to complete their space within two to three weeks, including a design board and shippable items. And if you choose instead to opt for a “roomLift,” your designer will create a comprehensive kit over the next two weeks, which includes a floor plan, paint and wallpaper samples, material samples, finish samples and product cards with purchase information. That physical box of coveted items and helpful samples is certainly a distinguishing feature.


roomLift’s “Access an Expert” option costs $100 and provides a 20-minute consultation with a designer, who can offer advice on aspects such as window treatments, bookshelf styling, or sofa size. You can add up to two additional sessions, totaling 60 minutes, for $200 or $300. The first major package is the aforementioned “accessoryLift,” priced at $750; designer Megan Hersch of Studio MG Interiors will review your room and offer advice on rearranging or enhancing your current setup, including suggestions for paint, wall treatments, fixture upgrades and new furnishings. This option is ideal for rooms needing finishing touches. The full package, “roomLift,” costs $1,500 and includes a scaled floor plan, samples, two phone consultations and numerous shopping recommendations. For whole-house projects, there’s a “houseLift” option; custom quotes are available.

Best User-Friendly Online Design Service

Spacejoy: A Genuinely Intuitive Process

What you’ll love:

  • Fast turnaround time (7-10 business days)
  • Allows you to upload Pinterest boards to help your designer customize your look
  • Gives you up to four months of shopping assistance

Keep in mind:

  • Less designer access than other services
  • Will require a foundational knowledge of what your style is.

Spacejoy has many of the best features of all of the services we’ve highlighted in our wider list: It’s straightforward, it has mid-level pricing and extra shopping assistance is available. Where it really shines is in its user-friendly interface. The service begins with a quiz that takes into account why you’re re-designing your room (is it because you’re preparing to entertain? Is it because your kids have grown up and are out of the house?). Next, it tasks you with uploading photos of your home, and this is followed by a consult with a designer, during which you’ll talk about your needs and vision. The designer will return with a concept for you to take a look at, and once you’ve approved their vision, they’ll provide helpful 3D images and a designer-curated shopping list. You can purchase products directly from the site (though the catalog is limited).


Spacejoy keeps it simple with three options to choose from. The lowest level buy is the “Delight” package, which costs $499 per room (often discounted to $299) and gives you one concept option and two revisions. The next step up, the “Bliss,” is $699 per room and is the recommended option for most. You’ll be given two concepts, a 30-minute video consultation with your designer and assistance with product alternates for up to two months after your design has been delivered. Finally, there’s the “Euphoria,” which costs $999 per room and allows you to work with a top-tier designer, get four revisions, receive an hour-long video consultation and much more (you can even solicit assistance with product alternators for up to four months).

Best DIY Online Interior Design Service

The Expert: Consult With World-Renowned Interior Designers

What you’ll love:

  • The chance to speak with some of the industry’s best designers
  • A truly custom approach based on your needs

Keep in mind:

  • There are no tangible design deliverables
  • You’ll need to gather questions and really prepare for your call—and take notes, too

If you’ve ever watched a design show or flipped through the pages of a design magazine and thought, “I wish that person could design my room,” The Expert is for you—and it’ll get you pretty close to making that design show daydream a reality. This service allows you to book a Zoom or phone consultation with a well-known designer of your choosing. It offers plenty of enviable options, including Leanne Ford, Cameron Ruppert, Jenna Lyons, Bobby Berk and Martyn Lawrence Bullard, each of whom can offer advice on how to design a room from scratch or revamp a space in your home. The designers talk you through layout, styling and more, and they even answer shopping questions. All that said, it’s important to note that the service ends there—meaning you’re not provided with floor plans or shopping links. It’s up to you to arrive prepared to your session, and to take diligent notes.


Pricing for this service is dependent on several different factors, including the length of your consultation and the specific designer you choose. Each designer sets their own price and time preferences, so users have to shop around to see what’s what. In terms of what to expect, though, more well-known designers might charge around $1,000 for a 25-minute consultation and $2,000 for a 55-minute consultation. Lesser-known designers, meanwhile, charge somewhere around $300 for a 25-minute consultation and $500 for a 55-minute consultation.

Best Free Online Interior Design Service

Crate And Barrel’s TheDesignDesk: A Commission-Based Service That’s Totally Free For You

What you’ll love:

  • Completely free of charge
  • You can get an appointment quickly and easily

Keep in mind:

  • Product suggestions will only be from Crate and Barrel

This service is certainly ideal for those on a budget—after all, it’s available to anyone, and you’re able to work with a Crate and Barrel designer free of charge. There’s also no product ordering minimum, no charge for a consultation and no other strings attached (of course, if you’re looking for products to purchase, they’ll suggest Crate and Barrel items.). What’s more, designers can work with you via email, phone or in person at a Crate and Barrel store to help you update a room, plan out your décor, style a space or do a complete makeover. Users are encouraged to share Pinterest boards or inspiration images, which the design team works with to create a 3D room rendering and even a 360-degree tour of the space.


This is a free service.

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

Forbes Vetted’s home and kitchen editorial team boasts years of experience. We’ve tested, reviewed and published hundreds of expert-backed reviews and curated product guides, including interior design stories focused on area rugs, hanging plants, bedside lamps, reading chairs and more.

What To Look For In The Best Online Interior Design Services

When searching for an online interior design service you can trust, it’s important to consider a wide range of things—for starters, your project, budget and specific vision. Do you want the opportunity to consult with a designer in-person? Is affordability most important to you? Here are a few of the most critical aspects to take into consideration:

Designer Qualifications

First, think about the specific type of designer with whom you hope to work. Credentials vary across services, so decide what’s most important to you. Do you prefer someone with a formal degree in interior design, or is practical experience more valuable? A few of the services we’ve highlighted here feature talented professionals, but without celebrity status; The Expert specifically touts well-known designers. Of course, someone’s resumé is not necessarily an indicator of how they’ll perform, but it can give you an idea of the type of work they’ve done.

Purchasing Process

Some services make it incredible simple (and affordable) to purchase the recommended products, offering trade discounts or price matching. Others let you figure it out on your own after the fact. Consider how streamlined the purchasing process is, and note whether you can easily buy all items through the platform. Your time and effort might matter more to you than budget when it comes to this aspect—or perhaps you’d prefer to save a little money upfront and do the shopping yourself.

Design Packages

The best online interior design services typically offer various tiered packages, making it easier to adjust things according to your budget. If you’re seeking minor updates and accessory recommendations, a basic package could be sufficient; for total home makeovers or extensive renovations, be on the lookout for more comprehensive packages that include detailed deliverables.


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