The Best House Design Ideas In Terraria


Like other sandbox games, Terraria offers a relaxing and challenging gameplay experience that allows you to create anything your heart desires in this two-dimensional world. While it may be compelling to construct massive monuments or bases, you can also take your time building smaller houses that offer a quaint and secure area to store your supplies and rest your head.

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Furthermore, there are many tutorials online that walk you through the complicated building process, ensuring that you can successfully construct a home no matter your skill level. If you are interested in finding out which home you should build in Terraria, then look no further.

8 Small Starter Home

An image from Terraria of a Small Starter Home. This small home is made up of two short levels, with a gray roof and basic decorations.

While the world of Terraria is certainly your oyster, that does not mean that you need to construct sprawling bases that take up all of your resources. Specifically, KraftyGaming’s Small Starter Home is the perfect construction project to take on if you are just starting a new world, or entering the game for the very first time.

What makes this build so great is the small amount of materials and space it takes up, freeing up your time for exploration while also ensuring that you always have a safe place to store your materials.

7 Tall Wooden Home

An image from Terraria of a Tall Wooden Home. This house is made completley out of wood, with a dark roof and features a large and high wooden balcony.

Similar to a smaller starter home, the Tall Wooden House made by Boii provides a greater amount of space without requiring expertise in building. Luckily, unlike other smaller starter homes, this wooden house has room for a full storage area, bedroom, dining room, and even a library.

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The most striking portion of this build is the three-story balcony that connects to the main bedroom, as it provides a nice visual aesthetic to the house while also providing some wooden support for the overall structure. Finally, a great way to complement the wood of the house is to construct a roof made out of stone, as it will break up the monotonous materials that the rest of the house is made of.

6 Red Roof Home

An image from Terraria of a house with a distincitve red roof. This larger structure is made out of stone, and features a second floor that holds provides extra room for storage.

While starter homes are certainly nice projects to start with, as you progress through your Terraria world, you’ll find yourself yearning for something larger to call home. That is where Tommy Tsunami’s tutorial comes in, as it will easily teach you how to build a larger two-story house complete with a striking red roof.

This house is incredibly useful since each room is utilized to the maximum of its capabilities, with even the smaller attic spaces under the roof used for extra storage space. Furthermore, you can customize the main rooms to your liking, creating different living areas and bedrooms.

5 Medieval Home

An image from Terraria of a Medieval house. This build is equipped with a stone tower and gothic decorations that make the build appear from a different time period.

While previous Terraria house tutorials focus on providing a traditional creation, Khaois’ Medieval Home dials this aesthetic up even further. Specifically, this building features a long rectangular structure that is complemented by a stone tower, stylized to look like a medieval castle.

To further stylize this build, we recommend applying different wooden blocks onto the roof, as they almost mimic a straw texture that is found on buildings from the period. Finally, you can decorate all parts of this building, and even create a secure area within the tower itself.

4 Modern Home

An image from Terraria of a house with a modern design. This build features a flat roof made out of stone, to give the structure a contemporary aesthetic.

While Terraria itself is not exactly modern, you can certainly push your building style to an extreme to make a more contemporary-styled home. By combining a flat stone roof with white walls and a wooden exterior, Khaois’ Modern Home starts to take shape.

Furthermore, this two-story house is further modernized by including sweeping glass windows that allow light into the structure. Finally, as there are multiple floors, you will have room for all your amenities and plenty of storage.

3 Japanese Home

An image from Terraria of a Japanese Home, inspired by the designs found at traditional Japanese temples.

There are many different cultural aesthetics that you can adopt for a build within Terraria, but Akroan’s Japanese-styled home truly stands out among all the house tutorials available online. This large house is modeled after a Japanese temple, complete with a peaked blue roof that gives the house a regal vibe.

However, it is important to keep in mind that a large portion of this house is made out of inhospitable areas, so there is not a massive amount of space for storage. With that being said, you can still utilize the attic space and main area effectively, as long as you are not hoarding an exuberant amount of materials.

2 Fortress

An image from Terraria of a stout Fortress, shaped in a large square made out of black stone.

While a smaller house may be pleasing to the eyes, nothing is as useful and protective as a massive fortress. By following Boii’s tutorial, you can easily construct your very own castle made out of stone, complete with multiple floors, massive areas for furniture, and defendable walls.

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As there are so many different rooms in this structure, you can even recruit NPCs to live alongside you, thus adding a nice injection of life into the otherwise imposing and cold structure. Finally, by outfitting the entire building with ladders, you’ll save space and have even more room available for storage.

1 Giant Treehouse

An image from Terraria of a Giant Treehouse, with different rooms built within the thick brances and leaves of the tree.

While this may be one of the most difficult builds to successfully pull off, there is simply nothing more visually pleasing than a massive treehouse. To construct this monstrosity, you’ll need to collect an abundance of wood and leaves, then carefully tower into the sky without plummeting to the ground below.

Furthermore, since there are no obstructions this high up in the sky, you can add as many branches and new areas as you want. This allows you to constantly expand your base to fulfill your needs, adding in new areas for storage or outfitted living quarters for a freshly recruited NPC.

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