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Simple three bedroom house plans to construct on a low budget

If you are thinking of becoming a house owner, you have likely thought about buying or building a house. The biggest dilemma when embarking on such an initiative is the planning and budgeting process. Indeed, the preparatory phase has been a massive problem for many people that cannot work their way beyond it. Maybe it is the budget or working on a concept with your architect that doesn’t seem to mature. Regardless of your plight, if you fancy a sizeable budling, why not check out the best simple three bedroom house plans that you can build on limited funds? It is a sound choice instead of getting comfortable with the hurdle.

Simple three bedroom house plans
Three bedroom 3D house plan. Photo: @Tayviga Phong
Source: UGC

Building a house is not a simple task. One has to think about the design, budget, location, family size and lifestyle matters. That is why, for most homeowners, going the construction way is a tough choice to make.

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With a low budget modern 3 bedroom house design, built with brick and mortar and according to your specification, you can rest easy knowing everything is sorted out. So, what house plan should you go for?

Three bedroom house plans on a low budget

Different houses have different construction demands, and it all comes down to the plan. And how’s the project conceived? It comes from the future house owner’s vision and perception that the architect or planner visualises. Therefore, if you need some unique tweaks in your house, better get the best 3 bedroom floor plan with dimensions in meters.

1. Elegant and straightforward three bedroom house plan

Elegant and straightforward three bedroom house plan. Photo: @miranda floor plan
Source: UGC

If you are looking for elegant, simple three bedroom house plans on a budget, this is the perfect one. It is a one-storey house design with three bedrooms, two toilets, and a garage that suits a simple family car. It is a small house that fits a 162 square meter area. You can build this on a 300 square metre lot area.

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The main entrance welcomes one to a spacious living room measuring 5.4 m by 4.0 m that is ideal for holding visitors. The master bedroom is located on the left side of the house and includes an en-suite bathroom, which is quite interesting for a home this size.

The master bedroom is medium size, as bigger houses have spacious ones, and it consumes 18 square meters of the 16 square meters of the entire house plan. You can play around with your bed’s position to take advantage of the medium space.

The house’s other two bedrooms on the plan are 3.8 x 4 m and 4 x 4 m, respectively. The kitchen and dining area are combined to take advantage of the limited space. On top of this, there is a lanai area that one can access through the dining area, perfect for relaxation.

2. Three bedroom single-detached house plan

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Three bedroom single-detached house plan. Photo:
Source: UGC

It is not easy coming up with a low budget modern 3 bedroom house design in Kenya. After all, construction materials are costly, and where will you get affordable land? Nonetheless, one has to move forward with their house plan, and this single detached floor plan can match your budget limitations.

For this to work, you have to work with 2 metres on both sides, 2metres on the rear and 3 metres at the front. You have to work with a minimum lot width of 13 metres for the house to perfectly fit the intended layout.

This is a 73 square metres house with three bedrooms with open living and dining areas. Another exciting thing about the plan is the kitchen’s location, which is to the left of the dining area with an L-shaped counter and hanging cabinets.

3. Modern 3 bedroom floor plan with dimensions

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Modern 3 bedroom floor plan with dimensions. Photo:
Source: UGC

One of the most important things when building a three bedroom house is maximising the available space. And it is hard constructing a modern home with limited space. Fortunately, with the modern 3 bedroom floor plan with dimensions, you can make it work.

This design opens the porch in the middle of the house, leading to the living room with furniture and entertainment. The combined dining and kitchen with 20 square metres is sufficient to accommodate most kitchen amenities.

The three bedrooms are located on one side, creating a triangular formation. The master bedroom, which is the biggest, is positioned in the front right corner. It has a private toilet and bathroom while the others share.

It would be interesting to see how the house appears upon completion, considering it is a fantastic design. It ought to be an expression of elegance and style and envy of other modern homes in your vicinity.

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4. Three bedroom duplex house design

Three bedroom duplex house design. Photo:
Source: UGC

The 3 bedroomed duplex house plan is one of the best ways to make the most of the space you have. Also, it is amongst the most preferred maisonette designs in the market. Like a single storey house, it has the same lowered maintenance and building costs. If you settle on this house, you will have more space for your family and many rooms to use.

You will notice from the plan that each of the three-bedroom units has more living space than you might expect from a three bedroom house. The shared walls between the two housing units are doubly thick, which is excellent for privacy.

The upper and lower units have three bedrooms and two more bathrooms. On top of this, the master bedroom has a private bathroom and an extensive window to provide natural light. The garage areas are next to one another, another impressive tweak of the duplex house design.

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5. Small 3 bedroom house plans

Small 3 bedroom house plans. Photo: @miranda floor plan
Source: UGC

The small design is one of the most straightforward and simple 3 bedroom house plans in Kenya that anyone with a low budget can afford. With this plan, you don’t have to worry about completing your dream house as the beautiful small, and budget-friendly home doesn’t consume plenty of building material.

Although the house is small, it features a generously sized master bedroom with a walkthrough wardrobe. Also, it has a large family bathroom and a separate toilet complemented by a centrally located living room and kitchen.

You can play around with the window’s design to feature floor to ceiling windows, or you can have them just ordinary.

6. One-sided firewall 3 bedroom house plan

One-sided firewall 3 bedroom house plan: Photo:
Source: UGC

Creating a firewall on one side of your three bedroom house saves at least 1.5 to 2 metres on the lot’s width. This makes it an ideal design for someone with limited space to easily achieve the number of rooms they desire.

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The first and second bedrooms are situated on the same side with a standard toilet in the line. This creates impressive dining and living room space easily accessible by all bedrooms. The third room’s positioning is perfect for a maid as its door directly faces the kitchen.

If you do in-depth research, you will locate numerous simple three bedroom house plans that don’t cost a lot to construct. Don’t let your budget limit you to owning a house when you can choose any design that fits your unique resources. Compromise in a few areas, reduce your budget, and get your three bedroom house ready for occupation.

DISCLAIMER: This article is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional advice or help and should not be relied on to make decisions. Any action you take upon the information presented in this article is strictly at your own risk and responsibility!

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