Meet Dopamine Decor, 2024’s Most Cheerful Design Trend


It’s winter, and with short days, long nights, and chilling temperatures, a little pick-me-up can go a long way. Enter ‘dopamine decor,’ a trending approach on social media that aims to lift our spirits through items designed to spark joy and embrace cheerful and playful decorating styles.

As far as interior design trends go, they really don’t come any more cheerful than this. According to Emily Piepenbrink at The Happy Ginger Company, this approach  “is rooted in design that stirs joy up in your soul. It expands the requirements of good design from form and function to form, function, and happiness. If Marie Kondo popped into your place, you could kindly turn her around because everything you’ve added to your space contributes to your overall joie de vivre.” Think bright colors, whimsical fabrics, and tactile materials — don’t be afraid to add!


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