Is Japandi still on trend? |


The Japandi aesthetic, a considered and pared-back blend of Japanese and Scandinavian influences, has become a mainstay in interior design. Loved for its minimalistic, comfort-forward approach, the style takes inspiration from nature and puts function first.

Though Japandi has been around and admired for quite some time, the soothing style is trending once again. To get the rundown on how Japandi style is captivating designers and homeowners alike in 2024, we spoke with the experts – here’s what they shared about the timeless look.

Is Japandi still on trend for 2024?

A small table and chair in a Japandi-style space

(Image credit: Audo Copenhagen)

Because of its deep-seated roots in Scandi style and Japanese design schemes, Japandi is a classic expression of minimalist decor that’s unlikely to go out of style. Though Joachim Kornbek Hansen, design director of Audo Copenhagen, says he doesn’t love describing the style with the ‘Japandi’ label, he sees the ‘synergies’ that have allowed Japanese and Scandinavian styles to blend so seamlessly.


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