How to find your personal interior design style


Many people have a personal style for clothing — maximalism, monotones and more. But what about a personal style for your home?

Although interior design may seem daunting at first, experts say anyone can do it.

Here are tips offered by Kati Curtis, interior designer and owner of Kati Curtis Design, a company that specializes in creating unique spaces for people in New York City and Los Angeles.

Avoid interior design trends

It might seem like a good idea to follow that TikTok trend you’ve been seeing circulating, or to buy all of your items from one trending collection.

Curtis, however, says to resist those urges.

“You could really just go crazy following trends, especially now with TikTok and social media,” she said. “But typically, when designing your home, even a paint job of a room is an investment… It’s not something you want to have to change.”

The easiest way to choose timeless items for your home is to add what speaks to you, Curtis advises.

Don’t be afraid of color

Although it may feel like the right decision to paint your room walls beige, Curtis suggests being brave.

“One of the primary myths people have about color is they’re afraid to put dark colors in small spaces,” Curtis said. “When you paint a small space a dark color, the perception is that it makes the room feel smaller. In reality, it adds depth to the room, opens it up and makes it feel bigger.”

Testing a color? Avoid placing swatches on white walls, as that affects the hue.

“You’re going to see that color darker, and you’re going to paint your entire room that color, and then you’re going to feel like it’s too light because you saw it against that white background,” Curtis explained.

Buy what you love

Buying what you love creates everlasting pieces.

“Anything purchased on your travels is something that you’re never going to regret,” Curtis said. “Anywhere you’re traveling in the world, [if] there’s something that speaks to your heart, buy it and use that in your interior.”

Curtis also says starting with a neutral base and incorporating those special pieces elevates a timeless design.

“Go with what you love, go with what speaks to your heart, because those are the things that you’re not going to get tired of,” she said.

Mix up styles

Curtis recommends mixing things up and drawing inspiration from many styles — maximalism, traditional, contemporary or others.

“You don’t have to stick to one thing. Mix it up, throw in some mid-century with some traditional. … It really doesn’t matter. It’s just about what you love, what speaks to you,” she said.


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