December 2, 2023

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Covered California Launches 2024 Open-Enrollment

Almost 80,000 people in the Coachella Valley are without health insurance.

Through the 2024 open enrollment, Covered California is looking to help those residents find a plan that best suits each individual.

“It is about getting the services you need, the things you know that you’ll need like those annual checkups or if you have a health care need, it’s also about the things that you don’t know could be coming for you or for those that you love.” Jessica Altman, the Executive Director of Covered California says.

As Covered California launches their 2024 open enrollment, the health insurance provider is now offering more affordable plans than ever before. 

The organization’s inviting all those in need to apply.

“90% of those covered receive financial assistance. This is helping to pay that monthly premium and in fact two thirds of those can find a health plan, a comprehensive health plan that covers all of the services you may need for a cost of just $10 or less per month.” Altman adds.

Along with getting residents covered, they want to ensure that once insured, it’s affordable for each and every individual.

“Once you are covered, we want to make sure care is also affordable, so this program will be lowering out of pocket costs like copays and deductibles.” Altman says.

For the 80,000 uninsured neighbors in the Coachella Valley, all are eligible for low or no cost coverage through Medi-Cal or through Covered California.

“You can be assured that every health plan we offer covers all of the core essential health benefits, so these are your preventive care, your primary care, but it’s also emergency care, specialty visits, behavioral and mental health services that you need. All of those services are included in every plan that Covered California offers.” the Executive Director adds.

For the first time, Covered California is offering services through a local based organization as well, the Inland Empire Health Plan also known as IEHP.

“I think it puts us in a wonderful place to be able to serve the interest of those who are part of our community that riverside and the San Bernardino County community. Our goal is to serve as many of those residents as we can and to help them find pathways to have affordable quality health insurance coverage for themselves and their families.” Wayne Guzman, the Director of Sales and Outreach for IEHP says.

From now until January 31st of 2024. neighbors can apply for health insurance through Covered California or through IEHP. For more information click the links below.