6 Apps To Help Manage And Catalogue Your Home Library Virtually


The app allows you to catalogue your books by scanning barcodes, entering ISBNs, or manually adding details. You can organise your collection by title, author, genre, and more. Libib helps you keep track of your books by providing tools for managing loans, tracking reading progress, and marking favourites. It also enables you to create multiple libraries if you have collections in different locations. It supports synchronisation across devices, ensuring that your library data is up-to-date whether you’re using the web version or the mobile app.

Available: iOS, Android


It provides a space for users to create virtual libraries, add books, and connect with other book enthusiasts. Users can catalogue their book collections by entering details manually, scanning barcodes, or importing information from sources like Amazon, the Library of Congress, or other libraries. LibraryThing allows users to organise their books by various criteria such as title, author, tags, and collections. You can create custom tags to further categorise and group your books. The platform provides book recommendations based on your catalogue and allows you to discover books that are similar to those in your collection. Users can write reviews and rate books in their collection, contributing to the overall community discussion.

Available: iOS, Android

Book Crawler

Book Crawler is a personal portable book database for avid readers, who now have a simple and dependable tool to catalogue and share their favourite book collections in one app. The regular features include scanning ISBN barcodes, manually entering book details, or importing data from online sources, creating book collections by various criteria such as title, author, genre, and more. This is a location-aware app that helps you share and discuss books with other bibliophiles near you. You can also locate all books and editions written by your favourite author. Sort and search your library collection with selected or custom parameters to quickly categorise or navigate your entries for quick recall. It’s a great tool for library professionals, book collectors, avid readers, teachers, and students.

Available: iOS


BookBuddy is a powerful book management app that gives you access to your entire book catalogue, anywhere. Using BookBuddy is fun and easy, allowing you to quickly find any book in your library, share your favourite books, and keep track of borrowed and lent books. Users can add personal reviews, ratings, and notes to their books, enhancing the overall cataloguing experience. Share your library online via the BookBuddy Companion website and invite anyone to view it (requires a monthly subscription). Apart from adding books you own, have lent, or borrowed, the app also lets you make a list of books you previously owned and no longer have.

Available: iOS, Android

CLZ Books

Organise the books that you own and keep track of the books that are still on your wish list. CLZ Books allows users to catalogue book collections by scanning ISBN barcodes, manually entering book details like author or publisher names, or importing data from online sources. CLZ Books typically supports synchronisation across multiple devices, allowing users to access their book library from different platforms and keeping their collections consistent. Users can also also access their book library offline, providing flexibility and convenience.

Available: iOS, Android

Delicious Library 3

Delicious Library 3 boasts photorealistic shelves, taking your cataloguing experience to a new level with 3D graphics and OpenGL. The software creates images that cast shadows, reflect on surfaces, and interact with your eyes like actual objects. Choose one of their snazzy templates or create your own for your library. With their unique hybrid shelves, you don’t have to decide between manual and smart shelves. You can create rules for shelves and manually add or remove items. Add fun to your cataloguing by having monster minions scanning hundreds of items for you. Delicious Library 3 provides tools to track items that have been lent to friends, helping users keep track of borrowed items.

Available: iOS


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