5 of the finest interior design styles that will define 2024


Are you looking to tap into the latest interior design styles for inspiration for your next big home improvement project? While an exciting trend can capture the imagination and transform whatever it touches, from fashion, to makeup, to interior design, trends are, by their nature, short-lived. And based on the data from a recent study by furnishers Feather and Black, it seems like people are looking for longer-lasting interior design styles.

As Laura Burnett, buyer at Feather and Black, describes it: “In the ever-shifting landscape of design, certain styles transcend fleeting trends, exuding an allure that resonates with the most discerning of tastes. Our recent survey across the UK revealed that modern and classic styles reign supreme, captivating homemakers with their timeless elegance and unwavering appeal.”

With that in mind, let’s run through the timeless styles that will be dominating our interiors in 2024.

1. Modern

modern living room

Laura describes modernism as a style where “clean lines and functional beauty intertwine to create an effortlessly chic canvas”. With modern interior design, furniture needs to look like it’s been built with efficiency in mind, without unnecessary flourishes or adornments. Far from making it boring, in that simplicity is exactly where the beauty lies. Glossy finishes on high-quality materials, block colours and modular designs are all hallmarks of modern interior design.

2. Classic


It’s often said that your home is your castle, and classical interior design takes this description and runs with it. You can use antique and vintage pieces, marble, and luxurious drapery to capture the regal aesthetic. As Laura says: “Many among us are traditionalists at heart and cherish the enduring elegance, versatility, and luxury ambience that are the true enchantment of classic interior design style.” The appreciation for antiques in this style speaks to the fact that well-made items have a long lifespan and tend to be more sustainable, something many of the top interior designers in the UK can attest to.

3. Rustic

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Rustic interior design has really grown in popularity over the years. Best suited to cottages and other countryside dwellings, it’s easier to create a rustic interior by working with what you already have – exposed beams, raw wood finishings and floorboards, etc. – instead of trying to fake it. “This inviting aesthetic is renowned for its natural charm,” says Laura. “Blending elements of farmhouse and French country styles and celebrating the raw beauty of natural wood and rattan.”

4. Coastal

There is a big focus at the moment on how luxury and sustainability can intersect, and coastal interiors are a great place to exercise that ethos. In coastal décor, inspired by all things nautical, you can add to the story of your home by using furnishings that are reclaimed and appear to have lived a life prior to becoming yours. Anything artfully weathered, using driftwood or seagrass, or that may have served a purpose elsewhere, such as anchors, will add a feeling of history and timelessness. When done well, Laura tells us that coastal interiors can offer “a welcome respite from modern life”.

5. Scandi


“The Scandi philosophy resonates with those who appreciate the harmonious connection between design and nature, creating a haven of tranquillity that nourishes the soul,” explains Laura. Scandi interior design should invite you in from the cold and promise a space where all of your needs will be met in a way that is as sleek as it is charming. Think mid-century modern furniture, using storage as décor, and neutral beige and grey tones. Also aim to declutter your spaces wherever possible.


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