5 lessons I’ve learned in downsizing my stuff and my style |


It’s a long, and frankly boring story, but in a few weeks, I am moving from my spacious two-story rental back to my city apartment. One’s a two-bed house with a separate kitchen, dining room, and living space and one is a semi-open plan, just over 430 square feet, apartment. I have loved both. However, downsizing everything I have accumulated for a much larger space is not something I am loving. 

There’s a lot of focus when helping to downsize on the stuff, and while that is coming with its challenges, I am facing the more complex question of how to downsize my style. Along with having to get rid of furniture and decor, comes the task of how this will affect the aesthetic of my space – how can I create the same style in a space half the size? Or do I need to switch up my style slightly to work better in a smaller space?

Small kitchen with dark red cabinetry

(Image credit: Colombe)

How I am downsizing my interior design style 


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