3 Home Design Trends That Will Define Summer 2024, According to Pinterest

If you’re planning to give your home a refresh this summer, Pinterest has you covered. Its 2024 summer trend report predicts the interior design trends you’ll see everywhere this season. But that doesn’t mean you need to go out and buy all new furnishings and décor—the top trends show that people are embracing aesthetics that feel both curated and eclectic, so you can tailor each to your own unique personality. We’re diving into the home décor trends that Pinterest predicts will define the season, and each one gives you the opportunity to make it your own.

Dopamine Décor

Taran Wilkhu

Dopamine décor is all about infusing your home with pieces that make you happy. The opposite of neutral gray and beige interiors, this aesthetic encourages homeowners to mix bold colors and textures in a complementary way.

According to Pinterest, searches for dopamine décor have increased by 280 percent, as more people yearn to fill their homes with character. Searches related to dopamine décor, like whimsical décor (4,690 percent), grandma core bedroom (2,605 percent), color drenching (990 percent), and pastel eclectic décor (130 percent) are also up dramatically.

Romcom Décor

Daniel Hurst

If you want your home to feel cozy and curated, the rom-com décor trend is perfect for you. As the name implies, this aesthetic draws inspiration from the settings seen in romantic comedies, specifically Nancy Meyers movies. This trend uses soft hues, subtle floral prints, cozy lighting, and vintage touches to create a vibe that is charming and welcoming.

Expect to see this trend everywhere during summer 2024. According to Pinterest’s report, searches related to all things Nancy Meyers, including living rooms, bedrooms, homes, and kitchens, are up significantly year over year.

Eclectic Vintage

Nathan Schroder

Eclectic décor really gives you the opportunity to infuse your space with personality. While it can mean many different things, at its core, this aesthetic is all about unpredictability. If you love ’80s style décor but appreciate the sleekness of modern furniture—go ahead and combine the two to create a look that is uniquely you. There are no rules when creating an eclectic home.

According to Pinterest, more and more people are making eclectic décor choices that reflect their individuality and they’re sourcing many of these pieces secondhand. In lieu of this, searches for things like vintage eclectic home, vintage plates on wall, vintage dinnerware, and vintage Americana have increased across the board.


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